GemCapers Show Planning Meeting

AGMS Clubhouse 6719 Burnet Lane, Austin, TX

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AGMS 101: Introduction to Workshop and Cabochon Making

AGMS Clubhouse Cabbing Room 6719 Burnet Lane, Austin, TX

This is the basic class required for anyone who wishes to use any machines in the AGMS Workshop or to take any higher-level class at AGMS. The class is 5 hours in length and may be spread over two sessions of 2 1/2 hours each. There will be a lunch break about mid-day.

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Mineral Special Interest Group (MinSIG)

AGMS Clubhouse 6719 Burnet Lane, Austin, TX

The Mineral Special Interest Group (MinSIG) is a sub-group of the Austin Gem and Mineral Society (AGMS). MinSIG meetings are open to anyone with an interest in learning, sharing, seeking […]