Out of respect for members and guests, please be mindful of other's needs for social distancing. While not required, the AGMS Board of Directors continues to support the use of face masks for  personal protection. 


The clubhouse Cabbing Room, Faceting Room, and Slab Shack are open each Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm and third Saturdays from 10am to 2pm unless otherwise posted.

You must be a member in good standing and have successfully completed the required class to use the machines. Workshops are open to members in good standing who have completed the required class to use the machines or by the demonstration of their skills and understanding of safety procedures by the Workshop Supervisor.

Members are welcomed on a first come first served basis (unless COVID19 protocols are in place). Workshop rooms available are faceting room, cab workshop, and the slab shack.

Face masks are required for entry and working in the clubhouse.

Workshop Supervisors

Laird Fowler, VP 1 : 512.971.8224
Earnest Carter : 512.758.1090
David Conrad : 512.762.7518
Richard Dorsey : 512.657.6967


Three types of certifications can be obtained, granting access to the three primary areas of the workshop:

  • Cabbing Workshop access – provides access to arbors, flat laps, and trim saws in the cabbing room.  Certification requires completion of a Cabbing 101 class.  Members with prior experience can request certification without a class.*
  • Slab Shed access – AGMS currently has 5 slab saws in a shed on the clubhouse site ranging in size from 10″ up to 18″.   Additional saws, including a 24″ saw, are being refurbished.  Certification requires completion of a Slabbing 101 class.  Members with prior experience can request certification without a class.*
  • Faceting Room access – AGMS currently has a faceting room in the main clubhouse building adjacent to the cabbing room.  the faceting room includes a variety of faceting machines including Facetron, Raytech Shaw, Graves, Imperial, and Ultra-tec.  Certification requires completion of a Faceting 101 class.  Members MUST take a faceting class to be approved for using faceting machines.  No option for certification outside of a class is currently available.
  • UV lighting/Flourescent Materials viewing table in the Faceting room – The club owns UV lighting located in the faceting room for viewing materials under different wavelengths of UV lights.   They are available for use provided there is not a class in process with the assistance of the Workshop Manager or a Workshop assistant.

*Certification without a class requires the member to demonstrate their knowledge to the Workshop Manager.  The candidate will be asked to demonstrate their  competence as well as safety practices and proper use and care of the equipment.   Members requesting a certification will pay a fee and schedule the certification with the Education Chair PRIOR to the interview.  Certifications are generally scheduled during the clubs regularly scheduled Workshop Nights.