Dealer Inquiry

To apply for a dealer space at GemCapers, complete the Dealer Inquiry Form online below or print out the Dealer Application and send the completed form via snail mail.

Please keep in mind that your submission (pictures and text) may be used to describe your offerings in the GemCapers Dealer List.

    Dealer Contact Information

    Company Information

    In order for AGMS to host a show with a variety of dealers, we need to know the kind of merchandise that you offer and the percentage of each type of merchandise. If you provide a lapidary related service during the show, please list that service. Examples: gemstone identification, mineral identification, gemstone setting, jewelry repair, custom jewelry, etc.

    Booth & Merchandise

    Please provide photographs that show your booth set up at a show. The following types of photographs are requested: Overall booth setup as viewed from a distance so the tables and displays can be seen in the photograph;Detailed photos of individual cases showing types of display; Close up detailed photos of the major types of merchandise.These photos will not be returned but will remain in our dealer file. Since we are basing part of our selection on these photos, be sure they are of high quality. Please update your application if your address or the “look” of your booth or your merchandise changes. (each file must be: .jpg, <3MB)

    AGMS booths are arranged so the front and both ends are available to display merchandise without having customers enter your booth. The back tables are accessible from inside your booth. The booth sizes are listed as the number of tables making up the whole booth. Example: an 8 table booth would have three 8’ front tables, three 8’ back tables, one 8’ table on one end and either one 8’ or 6’ table on the other end. Our booth sizes are 4 table, 6 table, 8 table and 10 table.

    What size booth do you request?

    Previous Shows

    Please provide a list of up to 4 different annual shows where you have had a booth. Include the size of the booth, contact information for either the dealer Chair or the Show Chair, including address and phone number.

    Show 1 Information (required)

    Show 2 Information

    Show 3 Information

    Show 4 Information

    Selection of Dealers is from a “pool” of dealer applications with NO priority given to date of application. Selection of dealers is at the discretion of the Show Committee based on type of merchandise, presentation of merchandise, recommendations, and size of booths available. This is not a contract. There is no guarantee that you will be selected as a dealer. Thank you for your interest.