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Where can I learn more about rockhounding, gems and minerals?
What do I need to know before rock hunting in Texas?

While Texas abounds with rocks, minerals, and fossils, public access poses a challenge. More than 94 percent of Texas is private land which is off-limits to rockhounds without landowner permission. Much of the state’s public land includes state and national parks and wildlife management areas where it is illegal to collect rocks, artifacts, or plants.

Fortunately, rockhounds can hunt legally on public easements along Texas roads. Roadcuts can prove fruitful for collecting. You can rock hunt on road cuts but cannot interfere with workers while road repairs or construction activities are in progress. This is very dangerous for you and the workers.

Texas laws allow limited access to the state’s navigable streams and rivers. It is always best to check with local rock shops and gem and mineral clubs to locate safe and legal access to waterways.

For more information: Texas Highways: No Stone Unturned

Where can I rock hunt in Texas?

After you read through the above section “What do I need to know before rock hunting in Texas?” take a look at some of these websites to get started

What do I need to know to go rockhounding?

Here’s are some fun and interesting resource with articles about places to rockhound and tools every rockhound needs in their kit!

Where can I get my geode cut?

Geodes purchased at Gem and Mineral Shows are typically cut open on sight. Check your local rock shop to see if they offer this service. Otherwise, if you are thinking of a doing-it-yourself, check out different techniques and safety considerations on You Tube.

What is this rock?

You can go to our home page and upload a photo of the rock in question. Provide us with as much information as possible to help us identify the specimen. Helpful information includes: location found, size of the rock (a ruler placed next to the specimen is most helpful), front and back photos are also helpful.

Can someone speak to my class about rocks and minerals?

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What classes does AGMS offer?

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Classes are currently not available due to COVID 19 restrictions. Classes will resume as of instructors and facility become available.

Where are your club meetings held?
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