The Harriet Strieber Library

“Books are the Gems of Knowledge”, reads the official plaque, “The Harriet Strieber Library.” When AGMS acquired the current clubhouse in the late 1980’s we set aside an entire room to house the now burgeoning collection of books. The library, located across from the office in the front of the building, is named for the late Harriett Strieber who dedicated years of time and patience in building up, organizing, and maintaining the library to give us what we have today.

The library is open for book check out anytime the club house is open for an AGMS function. Any meeting night (board, show committee or general), work shop nights, or other times. If you need a book and need to come at a specific time (other \than those listed) please notify one of the librarians so that special arrangements may be made. Any member in good standing with AGMS is welcome to check out books. Members may check out 3 items for two months at a time, as long as they have no over dues or lost books. If additional time is needed please contact one of the librarians for an extension. Books may be returned anytime the building is open or closed. Please use the mail slot to return books when the building is locked. A librarian may be contacted by clicking librarian.

The library holdings include hard back, paperback and loose leaf books. VCR tapes, CD’s, a juniors section, periodicals, vertical files and maps. For onsite research there is even a reference section. Please visit our library for a complete listing of books and other selections. Happy Reading! For a sample list click here.